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Seminar Talks

Date Time Speaker Title Reference
May 13, 2020 5-6 pm João Fernando Exponential quantum communication reductions from generalizations of the Boolean Hidden Matching problem ref
January 29, 2020 2-3 pm Maharshi Self-testing local quantum systems - continued ref
January 22, 2020 2-3 pm Maharshi Self-testing local quantum systems ref
January 15, 2020 2-4 pm Debbie The aBc Problem and Equator Sampling for Rényi Divergences ref
November 27, 2019 2-4 pm Upendra Hidden Subgroup problem and Post quantum cryptosystems
November 19, 2019 2-4 pm Christopher Williamson Approximate degree, secret sharing, and concentration phenomena ref
November 13, 2019 2-4 pm Pranab Sen Unitary designs give rise to quantum channels with superadditive classical Holevo capacity ref
November 6, 2019 2-4 pm Srijita Proof of the Sensitivity Conjecture ref
October 30, 2019 3-4 pm Naresh Quantum Log-Approximate-Rank Conjecture is also False ref

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